John Keenan - 

Working with Sean over the past year has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I started noticing a significant improvement in strength and flexibility after just a few months. He’s constantly introducing new workout routines that shock the system and keep you interested mentally. While much progress has been made over the past year Sean has helped me realize there’s still much more that can be achieved if I stay focused and keep pushing. I’m definitely looking forward to future challenges and seeing what year two brings under Sean’s watch.

Midori Sugiyama - Sept 2018

I started training with Sean on July, 7
th. During the last 2 ½  months, I have been challenged and motivated by him, and he has supported me to reach my goal. My goal was 10 lb weight loss by November (in 4 months). To reach my goal, he has advised workouts and cardio exercise in addition to sessions with him and also logging food that I take in. The result was immediate with following his direction. I could lose 9 lb in 2 months. He has also advised me what/how I need to eat to make all my efforts effectively. Not only at during session, whenever I have questions or concerns, I can ask him by text message and his reply is always timely, reasonable and logical. He is very caring and attentive what my limits and how far he can push me. Each session he encourage me to do better. He also makes working out fun. I really enjoy my workout and get motivated. It is because of him that I have sighed up for another 30 sessions. I would recommend Sean to anybody.